Little update

hey folks, sorry I haven’t been in touch. 

So I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant! Yay! 

Not so yay, I’m suffering from hypermesis (again). This basically means I throw up, a lot. All day, every day.

So with the excitement of the new bub, constant sickness and juggling my toddler, I haven’t been in the kitchen much.

I love my little blog and I fully intend to continue to share recipes with you all however you will just need to be patient with me over the coming months.

Lots of love, Alyce. 

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  1. Jhuls says:

    Hello, Alyce! I was worried about you, but glad to hear from you. I’ve been busy myself, but its all about work & life. So sorry to hear about the sickness, but congrats on the brighter side. Yay! Another bundle of joy for your family. Be safe always & lots of love.

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